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“Where No One Stands Alone” is a gospel song that was originally recorded by Elvis Presley in 1967. The song features Elvis’s powerful vocals and his signature style, blending elements of rock and roll with gospel music. The song was written by Mosie Lister and has become a popular hymn in the years since its release.

The lyrics of “Where No One Stands Alone” speak to the comfort and strength that can be found in faith. The chorus declares, “Where no one stands alone / With Jesus I’m safe from all harm,” emphasizing the importance of community and connection in times of struggle. Elvis’s emotive delivery of the lyrics perfectly captures the message of the song and has made it a beloved classic.

In 2018, a new version of “Where No One Stands Alone” was released featuring Elvis’s original vocals blended with new instrumentation and backing vocals from gospel singer Darlene Love. The updated version of the song was produced by Joel Weinshanker, Lisa Marie Presley, and Andy Childs, and features contributions from a number of talented musicians.

The reimagined version of “Where No One Stands Alone” received critical acclaim and reached the top ten on the Billboard Christian album charts. The song serves as a testament to Elvis Presley’s enduring influence on music and his ability to connect with listeners across generations and genres. Whether listening to the original recording or the updated version, “Where No One Stands Alone” remains a powerful and moving tribute to the power of faith and community in times of hardship.

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