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If This Track Doesn’t Rock Your Soul, Then You Haven’t Got One!

Elvis Presley’s “So High (Extended Version)” from 1966 is a notable example of his foray into gospel music, showcasing his deep-rooted passion for the genre. Recorded on May 26, 1966, at RCA Studio B in Nashville, this track was part of his acclaimed gospel album “How Great Thou Art.” The song features a lively, upbeat tempo that reflects Elvis’s ability to infuse gospel music with an energetic and spirited performance.

“So High” is a traditional gospel song that Elvis arranged himself, incorporating a call-and-response style that is typical of gospel music. The lyrics emphasize the grandeur of God’s presence, describing Him as being “so high you can’t get over Him, so wide you can’t get around Him, so low you can’t get under Him.” This track highlights Elvis’s vocal prowess and his ability to connect emotionally with gospel music, a genre he often turned to for personal and artistic inspiration.

The recording sessions for “How Great Thou Art” were significant in Elvis’s career, marking a return to the music he loved amidst a period of commercial and creative challenges. The album itself was well-received, earning Elvis his first Grammy Award for Best Sacred Performance. Musicians who contributed to the recording of “So High” include notable names such as Scotty Moore on guitar, Bob Moore on bass, and D.J. Fontana on drums, among others.

Elvis’s performance of “So High” is characterized by its vibrant energy and heartfelt delivery. The song stands out on the album for its joyful expression and dynamic rhythm, contrasting with some of the more solemn tracks. This blend of exuberance and devotion showcases Elvis’s unique ability to adapt traditional gospel elements into his own distinctive style.

The extended version of “So High” gives listeners a more immersive experience, allowing them to appreciate the full extent of the musical arrangement and Elvis’s spirited interpretation. This version often includes additional verses or extended instrumental sections, providing a richer and more comprehensive listening experience.

Elvis’s gospel recordings, including “So High,” are celebrated for their authenticity and emotional depth. His connection to gospel music was deeply personal, stemming from his early experiences singing in church and his lifelong love of the genre. These recordings offer a glimpse into a different side of Elvis’s musical identity, one that is rooted in faith and tradition.

Overall, “So High” exemplifies Elvis Presley’s versatility as an artist and his profound influence on gospel music. The extended version allows fans to experience the full power and passion of his performance, making it a cherished piece in his extensive catalog of music.

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