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Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘Blue Christmas’ By Elvis Presley | Beautiful version of a classic song

Kelly Clarkson recently paid a heartfelt tribute to one of Elvis Presley’s most cherished holiday songs, perfectly timed as the festive season approaches.

On her widely watched talk show on December 15, Clarkson took the stage to perform “Blue Christmas,” a song synonymous with Elvis Presley’s rich musical legacy. Her version resonated deeply with the audience as she infused the melody with her powerful, blues-infused vocals, accompanied by the distinct twang of guitars. This captivating performance is available for viewing online.

Delving into the history of “Blue Christmas,” the song was initially brought to life by Doye O’Dell in 1948. However, its transformation into a beloved holiday classic came with Elvis Presley’s interpretation in 1957, featured in his top-selling LP, “Elvis’ Christmas Album.”

In 2011, Rolling Stone recognized the enduring appeal of “Blue Christmas,” ranking it seventh among the greatest Christmas songs of all time. This acclaim was in part due to Presley’s unforgettable rendition during his legendary 1968 comeback special on NBC. The song continues to hold a special place in the pantheon of holiday music. In 2022, the lifestyle magazine Garden & Gun highlighted “Blue Christmas” as a standout track in “Elvis’ Christmas Album,” praising Elvis’s unique vocal style, marked by a breathy drawl, that perfectly captured the essence of unrequited love in the song’s lyrics.

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