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This is one of my best-loved Elvis covers. Can you picture her performing it with Elvis as a duet?

In 1977, Linda Ronstadt performed in Atlanta as part of her “Simple Dreams” tour. One of the highlights of the concert was her rendition of Elvis Presley’s classic hit, “Love Me Tender.” Ronstadt’s version showcased her stunning vocal range and emotional depth, capturing the essence of the song’s romantic lyrics.

The arrangement features delicate instrumentation that complements Ronstadt’s voice, with subtle guitar and piano accompaniment that builds over the course of the song. The crowd is audibly captivated by her performance, cheering and applauding as she delivers the final notes.

Ronstadt had a long history of incorporating covers into her sets, and her version of “Love Me Tender” was a standout during her Atlanta performance. Her interpretation brings a fresh perspective to the song while retaining the original’s timeless appeal.

Overall, Linda Ronstadt’s rendition of “Love Me Tender” at her Atlanta concert in 1977 remains a memorable moment in music history. Her masterful performance showcases her talent as both a singer and an interpreter of classic songs, cementing her status as one of the greatest voices of her generation.

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