Elvis Presley Videos

Priscilla Presley really likes this Elvis impersonator who sounds extremely similar to Elvis.

The guy in the video is undeniably gifted, his voice bears a striking resemblance to the king of rock and roll – Elvis Presley. It’s quite impressive to witness such vocal talent that comes so close to matching the legendary Elvis. One can’t help but wonder how he would perform other songs.

However, watching these performances is always an emotional experience. The world lost Elvis, his daughter Lisa Marie, and his grandson Benjamin, which is truly heartbreaking. May their souls rest in peace, and may they be blessed by God.

The impersonator has honed his craft to perfection – not only does he sound like Elvis, but his build, expressions, and facial features are also spot on. He’s undoubtedly a legitimate Elvis impersonator. From afar, it’s hard to tell the difference, and only on closer inspection can you notice the variations. It’s pretty impressive! Check out the video below to see for yourself.

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