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Watch How Elvis used only the movements of his body to manage the entire orchestra – its extraordinary

“Patch It Up” is one of Elvis Presley’s most upbeat and lively songs, and his live performance of the song in 1970 captures the energy and excitement of his concerts at their best. The song was written by Eddie Rabbitt and Rory Bourke, and first released on Elvis’s album “That’s the Way It Is” in 1970.

In the live version of “Patch It Up,” Elvis and his band kick things off with a driving rhythm section and a catchy guitar riff that gets the crowd on their feet. The horns come in next with a raucous blast, adding to the festive atmosphere. Elvis enters with his signature swagger, belting out the lyrics with gusto and throwing in some of his trademark dance moves.

The lyrics of “Patch It Up” are a playful take on the ups and downs of romance, with Elvis singing about a woman who keeps him on his toes. He admits that he may not be perfect, but promises to do his best to keep the relationship going: “We can patch it up, baby / Patch it up till it’s good.” The song is a perfect showcase for Elvis’s versatility as a performer, combining rock, soul, and country influences into one infectious groove.

This live version of “Patch It Up” is a testament to Elvis’s incredible stage presence and charisma. His rapport with the audience is palpable, and it’s clear that he’s having just as much fun as they are. The song remains a fan favorite to this day, and serves as a reminder of Elvis’s enduring legacy as the King of Rock and Roll.

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