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Blueberry Hill /fats Domino Pays Tribute To The King | The Beginning He Talked About Elvis Caused Me To Cry

Blueberry Hill is a classic song that has been covered by numerous artists over the years, but none have done it quite like Fats Domino. In his rendition of the song, he pays tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. The intro alone is enough to bring tears to your eyes, as he talks about how much Elvis meant to him and the world.

Fats Domino was one of the pioneers of rock and roll music, and his influence can still be heard today. His version of Blueberry Hill is a prime example of his talent and his ability to make a song his own. When he starts talking about Elvis in the intro, you can hear the emotion in his voice. It’s clear that Elvis had a profound impact on his life and career.

As Fats Domino launches into the song, you can feel the energy and passion behind his voice. He takes the classic melody and infuses it with his own style, making it an instant hit. The song quickly became one of his most popular and enduring hits, and has been covered by countless other artists over the years.

In conclusion, Fats Domino’s rendition of Blueberry Hill is a timeless classic that pays tribute to one of the greatest musicians of all time. His emotional intro, combined with his unique take on the song, makes it a must-listen for any fan of rock and roll. Even today, decades after its initial release, it remains a beloved favorite of music lovers everywhere.

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