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Metaphysic Bring Elvis Presley Back To Life With This Unbelievable Performance!

Simons reaction when he saw the king of rock priceless. And being an Elvis fan, you nailed it with your voice lovely voice close to his. Well done this act deserves an Oscar and Grammy, even your dance moves well done for honoring our king so well.

This is so hauntingly dreamy and realistic. The Elvis singer is subtle but so on point with facial expressions. It hypnotizes the viewer as to escape directly to that electric era. I could watch it incessantly!

The one thing I notice more than how cute Sophia and Heidi look in this is those two male singers! That Elvis impersonator is amazing, as is the vocalist who performed as Simon. Amazing singers both of them! These guys really have some big ideas and can make things happen right in front of you that you’d never expect.

They’re like musical magicians.


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