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Listen The Best Cover of Elvis’ song ‘In The Ghetto’ (This is the best Elvis Personation I’ve ever heard)

This man needs a recording contract. This is the best Elvis Personation I’ve ever heard. It’s amazing how good he sounds. Bravo!

“In the Ghetto” is a song written by Mac Davis and first recorded by Elvis Presley in 1969. The song tells the story of a young boy who is born and raised in poverty in the inner city or “ghetto,” and ultimately meets a tragic fate.

The lyrics describe the challenges faced by people living in poverty, including hunger, crime, and hopelessness. The song also highlights the cycle of poverty, as the boy’s mother is unable to break free from the poverty that surrounds them, and the cycle continues with the next generation.

The song was a departure from some of Presley’s earlier, more upbeat hits, and it was a hit in its own right, reaching the top 10 on the US charts. “In the Ghetto” has since become one of Presley’s most famous and enduring songs, and it has been covered by numerous other artists over the years.

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