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Jackie Chan Sings Elvis Presley | Jackie Chan can actually sing! He is very talented.

On the “Late Show” aired on September 15, 1998, Jackie Chan, the renowned martial arts action star, surprised audiences with a captivating performance that showcased his hidden talent as a singer. During the show, he took the stage and delivered a heartwarming rendition of the classic song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” originally made famous by Elvis Presley. The audience was in for a treat as they witnessed a side of Jackie Chan they had never seen before – a soulful and melodious voice that perfectly complemented his action-packed on-screen persona.

Jackie Chan’s performance received widespread acclaim, leaving the audience in awe of his singing abilities. The unexpected showcase of his musical talent demonstrated the multifaceted nature of the legendary actor and further solidified his status as a global icon in the entertainment industry. Many fans and critics praised his ability to effortlessly transition from performing jaw-dropping stunts in his action movies to delivering a tender and emotive musical performance.

The appearance on “Late Show” not only delighted viewers but also helped bring the martial arts superstar to the attention of a broader audience, solidifying his position as a beloved and versatile entertainer worldwide. Jackie Chan’s singing skills proved to be a delightful surprise, adding another dimension to his already illustrious career and leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed the unexpected yet enchanting performance of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

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