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Elvis Sings “Peace in the Valley” on the Ed Sullivan Show

Here is Elvis Presley singing “Peace in the Valley” on his last ever appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on January 6th, 1957:

At the time of this appearance, Elvis was involved in raising money and awareness for Hungarian relief, in the wake of the Hungarian revolution which had been crush by the Soviets.

Rumor has it that when Sullivan heard that Elvis wanted to sing “Peace in the Valley” Ed told him that is wasn’t appropriate to sing a gospel on prime time TV show. Elvis replied, “But Mr. Sullivan, I promised my Mama.”

Notice how Sullivan vouches for Elvis’s fine character at the end, trying to respond to all the people who has criticized Presley’s earlier appearance for being risqué.

Another interesting thing is that at the beginning, Sullivan mentions that Elvis has come out to Hollywood to make a movie called “Running Wild” with producer Hal Wallis. “Running Wild” was an early title of the movie that would later be released as Loving You.

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